From skeptic to believer: Shirley Reginaldo and her life with Santé Barley

Shirley Reginaldo was not the type to dream big. After graduating from college, the simple mom of three from Isabela thought there was nothing else left for her to do but get married, raise her children, earn a living, and live up to society’s expectations. Unbeknown to her, Shirley would be in for a course-altering and game-changing ride and it started when she embraced a highly unlikely and unexpected opportunity thrown in her way: direct selling.

The former office secretary used to shy away from direct selling as she is averse to face-to-face new prospect recruitments. Although she was engaged in direct selling before to earn extra money, nothing really paid off because her mind and heart then were not as committed as what the work typically demands.

Her journey from being a skeptic to believer began when she joined Santé. Shirley made a final decision to give the business a try after learning of its endless possibilities. But what pushed her to take a leap of faith was the opportunity to provide for the educational needs of her daughter diagnosed with mild autism by earning substantial amount of extra money.

Shirley first heard of the health benefits of Santé Barley products in a radio program where a guest was testifying about the powerful properties of barley grass. Curious, the voracious learner researched online about the side effects of barley grass but she was surprised to find none. Thinking then that Santé Barley would be perfect for her parents with hypertension, she inquired about the products.

“I found out that Santé Barley is mainly a direct selling business. I was turned off initially. My impression of direct selling that time was low-quality products and that the distributors would only use me to earn money. I told my sister-in-law, who was my boss then, about Santé Barley and she was also skeptical like me. We decided to try Santé Barley products after she had a mild stroke. We were looking for healthy and more practical alternatives for her and her daughter who has skin asthma. The medicines prescribed to my sister-in-law were only making her condition worse, while her daughter was regularly taking antibiotics for her condition,” she said.

“We wanted to buy supplements with no side effects. My sister-in-law paid for the e-Starter Pack but since she was not interested in direct selling, the account was placed under my name. We still had a negative mindset that time but it was a bit embarrassing not to buy the pack so I gave it a go,” she said.

They instantly felt the positive effects of the products. They felt energized and both mother and daughter have been off their medications since taking Santé Pure Barley juice, with no fear of relapse or recurrence of their respective medical conditions.

As for Shirley, she became a part-time Santé business owner for two years, building her business and selling products online. She was ecstatic that for two years she earned an extra P20,000. She also attended several lectures in which in one session a speaker had asked them a question that completely transformed her mind.

“It felt like the speaker was talking to me. The attendees were asked, ‘Are your children going to the school of your choice or they are there because it is the only thing that you can afford?’ That hit me because at that time, I was thinking of going to Dubai so we could afford to address the special needs of my daughter, who was enrolled in a public school. It hit home and that was the time that I decided to take the Santé business seriously,” she said.

Shirley studied the Santé business model and familiarized herself with all its product offerings. As she is shy facing other people, she decided to utilize and optimize online platforms to sell the products and reach out to potential prospects.

Her efforts have paid off. She has successfully built her network with most of the members comprising overseas Filipino workers based in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Additionally, she regularly supplies the products to some 1,000 users in the Philippines. To date, her monthly income ranges from P50,000 to P100,000. For 2018, her target is to earn P250,000 monthly.

At the age of 33, she also experienced her first plane ride going to Boracay after qualifying for Santé’s travel incentives, while her first trip abroad was in Bali, Indonesia. She was given a chance to visit the United States, Mexico and Cayman Islands for free.

She has met the needs of her family – especially her second daughter who now goes to a private school – traveled the world, and touched the lives of many through Santé Barley. Shirley, a full-time business owner for five years now, admitted that Santé has opened up numerous possibilities allowing her to aim higher and nurture even bigger dreams.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are not backed by scientific evidence and solely rely on the subject’s personal experience.