Barliccino: A Coffee Shop Experience in an Instant

Santé launches new Cappuccino infused with Sante Barley Coffee Mix

Pasig City, Philippines–August 14, 2020—The rainy days are here! While everyone would find these days cozy, the bed weather can be a little challenging, particularly on a workday. Admittedly, rainy days never fails to make you want to go back to sleep and forget about being productive.

A warm hug, though, from a cup of coffee can help you make the day right, especially if it has that sweet, toasty taste that can make you feel like you are sipping the cappuccino you love from a coffee shop. Unfortunately, getting that same cup of embrace is not that convenient these days.

With some areas still under lockdowns and community quarantines (CQ), access to coffee shops is currently limited and, sometimes, restricted. Everyone is also encouraged to stay at home amid the pandemic so, buying your favorite coffee, even from a nearby shop, might be a hassle and more pricey than usual due to added delivery fees.

But what if you can get your cup of warm hugs right at home, or wherever you may be, anytime you want?

So, what’s brewing? It’s the new Barliccino, a cappuccino plus Santé Barley Coffee Mix that offers a healthier and tastier choice than your usual pricey “coffee-shop” brew. As the latest coffee drink mix from Santé, a provider of premier organic health and wellness products and services, Barliccino brings the coffee-shop quality experience in an instant, wherever you are.

Each cup of Barliccino is a foamy, delicious, and comforting escape to the real cappuccino goodness. It’s the perfect blend of Santé Barley grass that balances the cappuccino’s sweetness with subtle earthy notes that is sure to be a pleasure to one’s tastebuds. One cup of this goodness will surely perk you up to productivity. Let a cup of Barliccino hug you with comfort and warmth, especially on rainy days or whenever you are loaded with work.

Barliccino is mostly sweetened using Stevia, a natural substitute for sugar, derived from the leaves of a small perennial green shrub. In every cup of Barliccino, there is only a minimal amount of sugar (1.63 grams), a lot lesser compared to a regular instant coffee’s sugar content, which is around 12 to 15 grams per serving. It also has low-calorie content (52 calories) and contains non-dairy creamer—truly, a healthier alternative!

What’s more is that Barliccino is infused with the goodness of organic pure barley grass from Santé, known to be certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency. It makes Barliccino a healthier choice since barley grass is an effective

antioxidant and is rich in vitamins and minerals that can help detoxify the body and aid in keeping the digestive and immune system healthy.

“Everybody deserves a coffee break. With our new Barliccino, we want to make your day, especially with the comfort and warmth you can get, with every cup. We made sure that Barliccino is handy and easy to prepare, so you can have your coffee-shop experience in an instant, anytime and anywhere,” said Joey Marcelo, CEO of Santé.

Barliccino is just one of the many products offered by Santé, which aims to help everyone live more and do more. The company has been providing premier organic health and wellness products and services, including its flagship, Santé Barley.

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