3 Things To Look For When Choosing A Barley Grass Supplement

A Barley Grass Supplement

What are the things to look for when choosing a barley grass supplement?

  1. High-quality ingredients
  2. Formulas to choose from
  3. Produced by a reputable company


It is important that we observe what we eat. This applies to the daily meals, drinks, and supplements that we consume. This is because we have to know what we put in our bodies and ensure that we are only taking high-quality products. If you’re interested in taking more natural supplements, it’s important to research well about the ingredients and the brands that you intend to buy from. When it comes to a trusted barley grass supplement, take a look at Santé Barley. Read on to learn more about what we can offer!


High-Quality Ingredients

High-Quality Ingredients

You are probably looking for supplements because you need something that is easy to take and that is also good for you. There are so many misleading advertisements and marketing schemes nowadays that can encourage you to try the newest vitamins. It’s nice to see a good commercial, but are you sure that they are good for you? It is a good idea to make it a habit to always read the label. Not all brands use the same quality ingredients for their supplements.

Check if there are any additives or colorants present in the list. Research more about where they produce their products. Is the environment non-toxic? If the ingredients come from a farm, do the farmers use artificial pesticides and fertilizers? Non-organic produce can pose a risk to its surroundings where it is farmed. Farmers, nearby families, animals, water, and air are exposed to chemicals that can be bad in the long run.

Santé Barley supplements are made with pure barley grass, free from any additives and colorants. The green color you see in the juice and the powder comes from the color of the barley itself. It is also produced on an organic farm in New Zealand, which means that it is free from any artificial fertilizers and pesticides. In fact, it is certified by Bio-Gro, the leading authority in organic farming.


Formulas to Choose From

For some people, a capsule is more convenient to take, especially with a busy lifestyle. You only have to set an alarm every day to remember to take it. However, there are others who are not comfortable taking supplements that way. If you are one of those people, consider looking for supplements that come in a powder or juice form.

Another factor to take note of is the dosage of the supplement. Having all the recommended dosage in a single capsule can make it too big or bulky. Having lower doses is more convenient, and you also ensure that your body is absorbing it better.

Santé Barley has many formulas you can choose from. We have the Santé Barley Pure Capsules which have pure barley per capsule. It is recommended to be taken before meals 3 times a day. You can also opt for the Santé Pure Barley Juice for an easy to prepare barley drink that comes in instant packets. If you prefer to customize your barley drinks, you can opt for the Santé Pure Barley Canister.

If you’re interested in other barley products, we also have coffee products such as the Santé Fusion Coffee, Barliccino Coffee, and Santé Boost Coffee. For chocolate lovers, we have the Santé Choco Barley. For those who prefer a drink with green tea and L-Carnitine, we have Santé Fit N’ Trim. And for breakfast or snacks, we have Santé FibrEnergy which has oats, chia seeds, and barley.


Produced By A Reputable Company

Produced By A Reputable Company

It is important to look for a good brand with good values and purpose. This ensures that their products are only made with the best quality ingredients and that they will deliver quality results.

Take note of how long they have been in the industry. You can also research more about the people that run the company and how they treat their people. This reflects a lot on how well they treat their customers. Find reviews and testimonials that provide real stories about their experience with the product.

Santé has been in the industry since 2007, starting with direct-selling. With more research and testing, we discovered the health benefits of barley and offered it to the masses. Starting operations in the Philippines, we expanded to other countries such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, Nigeria, and Cyprus.

The company also received awards, and one of the most recent was SME Company of the Year from the 2019 Asia CEO Awards. At the same event, CEO Joey Marcelo was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year.

Santé believes in helping other people live better lives. Some of the users of our Santé Barley products who experienced a turnaround in their health and wellness are now also businessmen themselves who also advocate its use.


Key Takeaway

Before you consume something, it is important to research it to know what you are putting in your body. The things to look for when choosing a barley grass supplement are high-quality ingredients, options on how to take it, and a reputable company that has been in the business for a long time.

Santé only offers barley products made with pure barley grass that are free from additives and colorants. It is also sourced from a Bio-Gro certified organic farm in New Zealand to ensure that there are no artificial fertilizers and pesticides that are being used. You can get it in capsule, juice, and powder form. For other options, there is also coffee, chocolate drink, green tea, and oat products that have pure barley grass available in our shop.

Santé is also led by talented board members. The company has the advocacy of helping other people have better lives by experiencing the health benefits of barley products and also becoming businessmen themselves.

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