Bring the Sexy Back with Santé NuTrio

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Staying at home during the quarantine has made it easier to neglect your body and health. A combination of poor eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and a weaker immune system will make it difficult to live more and do more! But with the Santé NuTrio Promo, Business Owners in the Philippines and their customers can bring the sexy back. How? Keep on reading!

Sante NuTrio is the New Trio of Sexy

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Gone are the days when the definition of ‘sexy’ is focused on merely losing weight. Plenty of people have tried fad diets to shed the extra pounds—they simply don’t provide you the nutrition you need to be healthy. But with the #SanteBringTheSexyBack challenge, you can develop a holistic fitness lifestyle that can lead to a physical transformation and a happier outlook in life.

Santé introduces the new trio of sexy–the Santé Nutrio (with Santé Barley, Daily-C and FitN’Trim). This way you can be strong, confident, and fit, which all combined defines sexy

Santé Barley Represents Strength

Available in capsule, sachet, and canister form, Santé Barley™ is a certified-organic nutritional powerhouse that can strengthen your body and help you achieve optimum health! As a superfood, it can boost your energy and improve your stamina so you have what it takes to reach your goals. As a powerful source of nutrition, it has properties that can help normalize your blood sugar, remove toxins, reduce bad cholesterol, and could help fight cancer cells.

With a healthier body thanks to Santé Barley, you can live more and do more!

Daily-C Represents Confidence

Nowadays, the global pandemic has made it more difficult for people to go out. But with a stronger immune system thanks to Daily-C and proper compliance with health protocols, you will have the confidence to go out and complete your errands, enjoy physical outdoor activities without worries, and more! As a powerful antioxidant, this non-acidic vitamin C can also protect you from free radicals that are associated with chronic diseases.

Always be on guard and be confident with your daily dose of Daily-C!

FitN’Trim Represents Fitness

Did you know that excess weight can put pressure on your joints, leading to pain? It is also a risk factor for several health conditions such as high blood pressure and high bad cholesterol. That’s why if you want to lose weight healthily, you can incorporate the FitN’Trim into your diet! It has L-Carnitine that can turn fat into energy, Green Tea which is a powerful fat-burner, and lemon for a boost of vitamin C. Lastly, it has young organic barley grass powder, which provides fiber so you can feel fuller for longer.

Who knew you could lose weight and get fit while you enjoy an ice-cold zesty refreshing beverage such as FitN’Trim!

60-Day Journey

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A healthy and holistic transformation doesn’t just happen overnight or even a week. You need to have the grit and motivation to reach your goals. At the end of Santé’s 60-day journey, you will see significant results that will encourage you to keep ongoing. Prizes await, so watch out for the judging criteria for the semi-finals and finals round!


The semi-finals elimination round will be held on August 17, 2021. Participants who have had a successful fitness journey and transformation will continue to the final round.

These are the criteria for judging:

  • Fitness Transformation (50%): This criterion includes your overall appearance, either by weight loos or muscle gain.
  • Fitness Journey (50%): Your storytelling, diet, and workout routine will be factored into your final score.


The finals round for the #SanteBringTheSexyBack challenge will be held on September 16, 2021, which is also the last day of your 60-day journey. These are the criteria for judging.

  • Fitness Transformation (50%): This criterion includes your overall appearance, either by weight loos or muscle gain.
  • Fitness Journey (50%): Your storytelling, diet, and workout routine will be factored into your final score.
  • Social Media Score (25%): The more likes, reactions, shares, and comments are on your before and after photo, the higher the score. This will be posted on the Santé Engage Facebook page.

Key Takeaway

If you want to bring the sexy back and tone your quarantine body, the Santé NuTrio promo is made for you! When combined with healthy supplements such as Santé Barley, Daily-C, and FitN’Trim, you can reach your goal weight, gain strong muscles, and prioritize your health in a holistic way.

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