When Is the Best Time to Drink Barley Grass Powder?

When Is the Best Time to Drink Barley Grass Powder

What is the best time to drink Santé barley grass powder?

  1. Before eating breakfast
  2. When you want to lose weight
  3. When you want to control your cravings
  4. When you want to start a healthy lifestyle

Santé Barley Grass powder is full of nutrients that can provide you with health benefits — such as vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and many more. It’s also rich in amino acids and enzymes. It’s 100% certified organic by BioGro, the leading authority in New Zealand when it comes to organic products. Because of this, you can ensure that Santé Barley Grass is grown without chemicals and pesticides, but is fresh and healthy! If you want to know the best time to drink barley grass powder, keep on reading!

Before Eating Breakfast

The best way to take a glass of Santé Barley is in the morning on an empty stomach so your body can absorb the nutrients. Taking vitamins and supplements with water can help cleanse your colon on an empty stomach. This increases the efficiency of your intestine to metabolize nutrients.

Simply empty a sachet of the Santé Barley Powder into a glass of cold water, stir the contents, and enjoy the healthy goodness of your drink. If you prefer, you can also take the Santé Barley Grass in capsule form.

If you’re craving coffee in the morning, but still want to experience the health benefits of Santé Barley Grass powder, you can choose from the coffee variants available — Santé Fusion Coffee, Barliccino Coffee, and Santé Boost Coffee!

When You Want to Lose Weight

When You Want to Lose Weight

If you work out at the gym, have long rides on your bicycle, or just jog around your area, there might be times that you’re feeling unmotivated due to lack of energy, muscle soreness, or fatigue.

Santé Barley Grass powder can be your partner on your journey to losing weight. This is because while it’s energizing and low on calories, it’s rich in fiber — which is a staple for people looking to shed extra pounds.

If you’re serious about prioritizing your fitness, then it’s the best time to take the Santé Fit N’ Trim. Aside from barley grass powder that provides energy, it also has green tea and L-carnitine which can help you with your weight loss and fitness goals!

For instance, the green tea content can help you burn more calories and reduce body fat in the abdominal area. Other than this, L-carnitine can help enhance your physical performance and decrease muscle soreness so you can exercise for longer!

When You Want to Control Your Cravings

Fiber is a great addition to a weight loss diet because compared to other food, it moves through your body slowly. This means that you’ll feel fuller for longer, so you can avoid giving in to your cravings — such as midnight guilty pleasures that are either high in salt or high in sugar.

A high-sugar diet can increase your risk of heart disease, acne, type 2 diabetes and can cause blood sugar swings that affect your energy levels. Fortunately, the Santé Barley Grass powder is sweetened with nature’s most potent sweetener, stevia! Stevia is a healthier alternative to sugar as it contains little to no calories and does not contribute carbohydrates to your diet. Other than that, it also has minimal to no effect on blood sugar.

If you want to control your cravings, you can also consider trying the Santé FibrEnergy! Aside from Santé Barley Grass powder, the addition of chia and oats makes it a high-fiber snack so you can feel fuller for longer!

When You Want to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

When You Want to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

The best time to drink Santé Barley Grass is when you want to start a healthy lifestyle. After all, it can offer plenty of health benefits for you and your family! It contains a long list of healthy ingredients — such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more. For instance, it contains vitamin C to boost your immunity, vitamin A to protect your eyesight, calcium for the bones, and potassium for muscle contraction, among many others. It’s just like drinking your greens—especially during those days where your meals do not have much vegetables in it!

It’s also generally safe for most people, as it’s sourced from the leaves of a barley plant. And the best time to start drinking Santé Barley is NOW!

Key Takeaway

The best time to drink Santé Barley Grass powder is before eating breakfast in the morning. This way, your body will absorb the healthy vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from the supplement before you start your day. Santé Barley Grass powder is also helpful when you’re trying to control your cravings, want to lose weight, or start a healthier lifestyle.

Now that you know the best time to drink barley grass powder, you can enjoy the health benefits of this food supplement with your family and friends! If you’re interested in trying out the different variants, such as coffee, chocolate, and oats, you can browse the Santé Barley online store. There, you will also find skincare and body care series from Santé.

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