5 Times People Benefited From A Barley Grass Supplement

5 Times People Benefited From A Barley Grass Supplement

What were the moments where people benefited from a barley grass supplement?

  1. Loreto Labrador And Wife: Fungal Lung Infection And Heart Disease
  2. Marlene Barreto: Constipation and Hemorrhoids
  3. Merfa Jien: Goiter
  4. Shirley Reginaldo: Mild Stroke And Skin Asthma
  5. Lowella Durano: Menstrual Problems


When we’re sick, we may feel discouraged and down due to physical pain. For some, rising medical bills can also be a cause of distress. Some types of medicine can even have adverse side effects on your body. But today, we want to encourage you not to give up. Keep fighting for yourself and your family. If you want to know the stories of real people who benefited from a barley grass supplement, keep on reading!


Loreto Labrador And Wife: Fungal Lung Infection And Heart Disease

In order to take care of his family, Loreto made the decision to work abroad. Even though he worked hard in the Middle East, he wasn’t able to save money and he struggled to make ends meet. In addition to this, he was far from his family.

When he went back to the Philippines, he and his wife both contracted illnesses. His wife had a fungal lung infection and he had heart disease. Loreto discovered the health benefits of a barley grass supplement when he worked as a driver for Santé. Loreto drank Santé Barley every day and his wife consumed 6 capsules of barley powder. After some time, they both felt better and even stopped their doctor’s medication. He started direct-selling while his wife had more energy for house chores.


Marlene Barreto: Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Marlene Barreto: Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Marlene Barreto is a 58-year-old Filipino woman who was experiencing constipation and irregular bowel movements. Due to this, she developed hemorrhoids. She consulted different doctors to no avail. Even a specialist surgeon in Manila couldn’t cure her and her hemorrhoid would just return to its previous condition. She even flew to China to get treated with herbal medicine, but it didn’t help in the long run.

She battled constipation and hemorrhoids for so long that she wasn’t surprised anymore by blood in her stool. She discovered Santé Barley when her husband’s friend recommended it to him for his acidity. Santé Fusion Coffee and Santé Barley in capsule both improved his condition. That’s when he recommended it to her. Thinking that there would be nothing to lose, she tried it.

After drinking Santé Barley for the first time, her bowel movement became better. After some time, she lost her problems: constipation, irregular bowel movement, and hemorrhoids. Her daughter, who suffered from loose stools, also had the same experience using Santé products.


Merfa Jien: Goiter

Marfa Jien, a former teacher in Thailand, struggled with goiter. She would have difficulty sleeping and breathing because of it. She had regular suctions with a doctor, but the goiter would just return to its previous condition. She didn’t want to undergo surgery then, so she searched high and low for alternative medicine. However, none worked.

With the help of the Internet, she found out about Santé Barley. She found a supplier in the Philippines and had it sent to Thailand. After drinking Santé Barley for 3 days, her sleeping patterns improved. As she monitored her progress, her goiter slowly got smaller until it was not visible anymore. Just like the others, she was eventually able to stop consuming her doctor’s medication.


Shirley Reginaldo: Mild Stroke And Skin Asthma

Shirley Reginaldo: Mild Stroke And Skin Asthma

Shirley was a non-believer in direct selling back then. That’s why she was skeptical to try Santé products. But when her sister-in-law had a mild stroke, they were encouraged to do so. Her sister-in-law’s daughter also had skin asthma and was taking antibiotics for it.

When they tried Santé Barley, both the mother and daughter’s conditions got better. Even Shirley, who does not have any illness, felt energized. Due to this experience, her views on Santé Barley and direct selling changed.


Lowella Durano: Menstrual Problems

Lowella Durano was a former worker on a cruise line for years. She decided to change her career and open a coffee shop to settle in the Philippines. Due to the stress in adjusting, she experienced mental and physical problems. She was having severe menstrual cramps when her period came. When she decided to consult a doctor, she found out that she had endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and fibrosis.

The only solution was to undergo surgery and have regular injections to slow down the progression of her condition. After a while, she decided that she didn’t want to risk the side effects of such treatments. Back then, her husband watched Kim Atienza’s videos about Santé products.

She was skeptical at first, but when she tried Santé Barley in addition to a lifestyle change, her condition improved. She now recommends these products to her friends and relatives.


Key Takeaway

Sometimes there are experiences in life that discourage us and make us feel down. Getting sick is not an easy experience. The pain you feel, the negative mental thoughts that enter your mind, and the expensive bills make it difficult to enjoy life. Just like the stories above, you may also be struggling. But after healing with the help of Santé Barley, most of these people became successful in life. If you want to read more about these success stories, you can click here.

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